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Exceptional Concrete Contractor in Sango, TN

Explore the finest in concrete and hardscaping solutions with Borja Outdoor, your local experts in Sango, TN. From intricate designs to durable constructions, we promise quality and customer satisfaction in every project.

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A Concrete Parking Pad | a house with a driveway and grass
About Us

Discover Borja Outdoor - Your Concrete Expert in Sango, TN

Founded by Bryan Borja, we are dedicated to mastering the art of hardscaping and concrete solutions. Our team excels in delivering bespoke designs and durable constructions, tailored to the unique needs of our Sango community. From residential to commercial projects, we ensure precision, quality, and reliability.

Comprehensive Hardscaping & Concrete Solutions in Sango

Explore our range of services in Sango, TN, from custom patios to driveways, all crafted with unmatched skill and precision. Our team brings expertise in decorative concrete, stamped designs, and durable outdoor living spaces, ensuring every project is a testament to quality and functionality.
“At Borja Outdoor, our passion is crafting lasting beauty in concrete. Every project in Sango, TN, is an opportunity to showcase our commitment to excellence and community.”
Bryan Borja

Bryan Borja

Owner of Borja Outdoor

Repair & Installation

Expert Concrete Repair & Installation Services Near You

Delivering expert concrete repair and installation in Sango, TN, Borja Outdoor ensures top-quality workmanship for every driveway, walkway, and patio project. Our team specializes in a variety of services including concrete parking pad, pool deck, and custom installations, catering to both residential and commercial needs. Trust us for durable, aesthetically pleasing concrete solutions that elevate the appeal and value of your property.

Client Testimonials


Our concrete expertise has left customers shouting from the rooftops (or should we say, driveways). They’re not just pouring compliments, but solid testimonials about our professionalism, attention to detail, and concrete results.

Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones
Bryan and his team recently poured a concrete driveway for my Grandparents. They were extremely quick with the job! My Grandparents are super impressed and satisfied. Will definitely be using them for future work !!
Susan Thompson
Susan Thompson
Over the course of two weeks, Bryan and his crew worked on three jobs for us: a new garage apron, a stone paver patio around a pool, and a new front sidewalk. Throughout the process, Bryan was great to work with. He was very responsive to all our text messages and addressed any questions and concerns that we had in a timely manner. His crew was friendly and worked nearly non-stop throughout the three projects. Bryan went above and beyond helping us take care of some issues that needed to be dealt with to get our backyard in order again. Thank you Bryan and team!
Omar P
Omar P
Great service for the great value. Project: A circular retaining wall to place a fire pit with few chairs and a small wall next to the house to hold plants and stop the rain water from flowing along the house. Bryan was always responsive and answered all my questions without any problems. His crew started working early morning until evening and they didn't require any supervision. The value was much, much better than many other companies in the area and their job was GREAT. Thank You Guys!!
Roger Nelson
Roger Nelson
Have seen Bryans work all throughout clarksville for several years. He is an artist! Truly finds passion in his work and more importantly in his customers. Trust him to give you a quality product! Highly recommend him for any project you may need
Emily Stacy
Emily Stacy
Best in the business. This guy not only eat/sleep/breathes this business but he is knowledgable! Amazing customer service and solid business tactics. Been in business for years with a truth worthy crew I highly recommend Bryan and his crew on any job site
Dominic Brown
Dominic Brown
Quick reliable and did a damn good job for an affordable price
Featured Projects


Prepare to be wowed by our jaw-dropping featured projects that showcase the perfect blend of concrete and hardscaping mastery. These showstoppers will make your neighbors green with envy and have you wondering why you didn’t call us sooner!
Why Choose Us

Top Reasons to Choose Borja Outdoor for Your Concrete Needs

Expertise in Local Customization

With our deep understanding of Sango's style and environment, we tailor each project to fit the unique needs and aesthetics of the local community.

High-Quality Materials

We use only the best materials and employ skilled artisans, ensuring that every project is not only visually stunning but also long-lasting and durable.

Comprehensive Solutions

From consultation to completion, we provide a full range of services, prioritizing customer satisfaction with our transparent processes and dedication to meeting your specific needs.

Our Service
Comprehensive Concrete & Hardscaping Services in Sango, TN.

Stamped Concrete in Sango, TN

Transform your outdoor spaces with our Stamped Concrete services in Sango. Ideal for adding aesthetic appeal, this service offers a cost-effective solution for achieving high-end looks like stone or wood. Our expertise ensures a beautiful, durable finish that addresses common issues like plain, unappealing surfaces with stylish, practical alternatives.

Concrete Driveway in Sango, TN

Upgrade your property with a robust Concrete Driveway in Sango. Our service combats common driveway wear and tear, delivering a durable, long-lasting surface. Borja Outdoor's skilled team guarantees a driveway that not only withstands heavy usage but also enhances your home's curb appeal with quality craftsmanship.

Concrete Walkway in Sango, TN

Enhance the accessibility and aesthetics of your property with our Concrete Walkway services in Sango. We address common issues like uneven, unsafe paths by providing expertly crafted walkways that blend safety with style. Our commitment to quality ensures a functional, visually appealing path that complements your outdoor space.

Concrete Parking Pad in Sango, TN

Optimize your parking space with our Concrete Parking Pad service in Sango. Designed to tackle challenges like limited parking and ground erosion, our durable parking pads offer a practical, lasting solution. Trust us to deliver a robust parking area that withstands constant use and varying weather conditions.

Concrete Patio in Sango, TN

Create your perfect outdoor retreat with our Concrete Patio services in Sango. Addressing issues like lackluster outdoor areas, we provide custom patios that are both functional and elegant. Our expertise in design and construction ensures a stunning, durable patio that enhances your leisure and entertainment experiences.

Concrete Pool Deck in Sango, TN

Revitalize your pool area with our Concrete Pool Deck service in Sango. We solve common problems like slippery, unattractive pool surroundings with stylish, safe decking. Our team specializes in creating non-slip, heat-resistant decks that not only look great but also offer enhanced safety and comfort.

Decorative Concrete in Sango, TN

Elevate your property's aesthetic with our Decorative Concrete services in Sango. Perfect for those seeking unique design elements, we tackle mundane surfaces by transforming them into artistic expressions. Our skilled craftsmen provide bespoke designs, ensuring your space stands out with durability and style.

Patio Installation in Sango, TN

Transform your outdoor living area with our expert patio installation service. Whether you desire a cozy retreat or an entertainment hub, our team at Borja Outdoor has the expertise to create the perfect patio. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and hello to a beautifully crafted outdoor oasis. Your dream patio awaits!

Retaining Wall in Sango, TN

Facing erosion issues or need to level your landscape? Our retaining wall service is the answer. We construct durable, visually appealing retaining walls that solve common landscaping challenges. Say goodbye to soil erosion and uneven terrain while adding aesthetic appeal to your property. Trust Borja Outdoor for reliable retaining wall solutions.

Walkways and Pathway in Sango, TN

Enhance your property's accessibility and curb appeal with our walkway and pathway installation service. We understand the importance of well-designed pathways that provide safe navigation and complement your landscape. Say goodbye to muddy tracks and embrace elegant walkways that connect every corner of your outdoor space. Choose Borja Outdoor for stunning walkway solutions.
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What We Do

Our Process


Consultation and Design

Begin with a detailed consultation to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Planning and Preparation

We meticulously plan and prepare, ensuring every detail aligns with your expectations.

Implementation and Completion

Expert Implementation for Outstanding Results
Patio Installation | a patio with a fire pit and a brick building
Answers to Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Borja Outdoor, Sango, TN

Borja Outdoor specializes in a variety of concrete services, including stamped concrete, driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and decorative concrete solutions, all tailored to meet the specific needs of our Sango clients.
The duration of a concrete project varies depending on its complexity and size. However, we strive to complete most projects in Sango efficiently while maintaining our high-quality standards.
Yes, Borja Outdoor offers comprehensive hardscaping services for both residential and commercial properties in Sango, including patio installation, retaining walls, and custom walkways and pathways.
Absolutely! We specialize in creating customized designs that align with our client’s vision and the unique aesthetic of their property in Sango, TN.
Our commitment to local expertise, high-quality materials, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in Sango. We focus on delivering personalized solutions with a dedication to craftsmanship and detail.
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More Localized Information

Borja Outdoor: Cementing Foundations in Sango, TN's Rich Landscape

Sango, Tennessee, is more than just a dot on the map; it’s a community where history intertwines with modern aspirations. Borja Outdoor, a leader in the concrete and hardscaping industry, deeply resonates with this blend of heritage and progress. Nestled at the coordinates of 36.5298° N, 87.2498° W, Sango isn’t just a place; it’s a canvas for innovation and natural beauty, with a population nearing 41,000.

Our town’s storied past lays the groundwork for our present endeavors. The heritage of Sango shapes our approach to each project, ensuring that our work not only meets but elevates the standards of this vibrant community. Borja Outdoor’s services are a tribute to the area’s unique character, from the bustling streets near the historic Montgomery County Courthouse to the serene pathways of Liberty Park.

Sango’s top sights, including the Beachaven Vineyards & Winery, the majestic Dunbar Cave State Park, and the landmark Customs House Museum and Cultural Center, reflect the diversity and richness of our locale. We draw inspiration from these landmarks, infusing our concrete and hardscaping designs with a sense of place and purpose.

Borja Outdoor is attuned to the climatic nuances of Sango, offering solutions that withstand seasonal changes. Our eco-conscious practices, like using recycled materials, align with the community’s environmental ethos. We understand local regulations, ensuring compliance and safety in every project.

From Madison Street’s commercial vibrancy to the residential tranquility of Greenwood, we cater to every corner of Sango. Each neighborhood, with its unique flair, finds a reliable partner in Borja Outdoor for sustainable and aesthetic concrete solutions.

Engage with Borja Outdoor to experience how our tailored services enhance Sango’s charm. We’re not just building structures; we’re crafting a legacy that harmonizes with the spirit of our community.

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About Sango, TN

Sango is an unincorporated community in the southeastern corner of Montgomery County, Tennessee, about 5 miles east of Clarksville. It is located near Interstate 24, 30 minutes northwest of Nashville. Once primarily a rural community consisting largely of prime farmland, many new housing developments have gone up in the past few years. From before the Civil War to at least 1990, tobacco was the main cash crop in Sango. Besides burley and some flue-cured tobaccos, high-quality dark-fired (wood smoke-cured) tobacco was grown in Sango, as well as throughout Montgomery County. During the tobacco wars of 1904 to 1908 (between the farmers and the Duke tobacco monopoly), a key battle between the “Night Riders” (farmers) and agents of the tobacco monopoly took place at the intersection of Bagwell and Sango Roads, in eastern Sango. As Sango is neither an incorporated community nor a census-designated place, it has no clearly defined boundaries. It roughly covers an area stretching from U.S. Route 41A to just beyond Interstate 24. Sango is a much higher quality of living when compared similar towns like Ashland City.

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